Push API
Working With the Push Loyalty API
  • The Push Loyalty API provides a SOAP-based access point to the data and functionality provided by our products. This includes being able to create objects like incentives, users and points. Once created, these objects can also be managed and their usage analysed.
  • All API end points are available over both HTTP and HTTPS.
  • If you have questions with anything to do with our API, feel free to email us at api@pushsupport.com.

OpenDoorTM API
  • The Push OpenDoor API and supporting configuration tool (OpenDoor Control Panel) enable web site designers to rapidly deploy a functionally standard:
  • User Registration
  • User Login (including site specific login, Facebook connect, Google login and Twitter)
  • User Profile Update
  • Privacy Policy Management

Signing requests
  • In order to use the API you must obtain from us a key and secret. Your key makes your API calls valid for our service. The credentials are used in every API call made to our system.
Typical API calls
API Area
Name Description
Incentives List and edit the incentives in your rewards programmes
User data Export user data
Activities Set up activities that users can perform and be tracked:
Facebook like
Facebook post
YouTube View
Provide extra details
QR Code Scan
Unique codes Manage unique codes used to trigger rewards
Facebook interest management Manage user Facebook interests
Facebook user data management Get access to extended permission data for your users
Name/value store against users Store data against your users
IP/Location Services Determine user's location by IP
Reporting/Analytics Take feeds of promotion data to use in your own analytics tools