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Will all Disney CDs have a Disney Movie Rewards CD code?

Beginning July 7, 2009, select Disney CDs will be eligible for Disney Movie Rewards points. For a list of eligible CD titles, please view the Eligible Titles Page at

How do I earn Disney Movie Rewards points for Disney CDs?

When you have purchased an eligible Disney CD, go to Select your CD from the choices on the screen and insert the CD into your computer. Once your computer recognizes it as eligible, you will be given a CD code. Be sure to click the copy code button or write it down. If you are already logged in to, click the Enter Code button, then paste or input the CD code where indicated. If you are not logged in or not yet a Disney Movie Rewards member, log in or join the program then follow the same steps as above.

What if I forgot to copy my code?

Simply validate your CD again.

What if I can't get my CD to validate?

Use the FAQ questions below and send an email to the Push Entertainment support team, they will respond within 24 hours.

Want to know more about Disney Movie Rewards or have a general question?

Please click here

Further Questions

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What is this widget and who are Push Entertainment Limited?

This widget is run on behalf of entertainment companies to allow access to extra content and competitions.

Push Entertainment Limited operates the widget and lets you validate the purchase of your CD, DVD, download or other physical product. We are based in the United Kingdom and have been running widgets similar to this for their clients for several years. To run the widget you need to accept(trust) our software certificate, this allows us to check your purchase. When we check your purchase we are not reading your private data, we are simply looking for a match to the purchase that you say you have. We leave nothing on your machine apart from a standard cookie. A guide on how to validate purchases and codes can be found here More information on the terms of use and privacy terms applicable to this website can be found at

What hardware do I need to use this widget?

This widget works on Microsoft Windows™ PCs and Apple Mac OS 10.5+.

What is the recommended PC/Mac operating System for this widget?

This widget works on Windows XP and Vista, so if you're using those you should have no problems. For Apple Mac computers, please make sure you are using MAC OS 10.5 or above. The widget will not work on Linux machines.

What is Java and how do I install it?

Java is a popular piece of software that is used to write secure applications that run on computers and mobile phones. The part of the widget that checks your purchases is written in Java. Java is installed on most machines as standard but if you do not have it you can install it from If you have Java on a PC you should also check that it is up-to date by right clicking the Java Icon in your system tray and selecting 'Open Control Panel'. On a MAC just do a Software Update from the Apple Menu. You should also uninstall old versions of Java following the instructions here

What is the recommended browser?

On a PC with Windows we recommend you use Internet Explorer 7 or above, but it will work with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above too, providing you have Java enabled. On a Mac, we recommend Safari 3 or above, Firefox 3 is also supported. Make sure with Firefox that you are always updated to the latest version, it should do this automatically, please check your version by selecting 'Help' on the Firefox menu and then 'About Mozilla Firefox'. The widget will not work in Chrome, Opera or Safari on the PC or Opera or IE on the MAC.

Where can I get my browser updated?

Either select 'Windows Update' from your start menu in Windows XP/Vista to update Internet Explorer, or visit, or visit the Safari or Mozilla sites to download their latest browser.

Do I need cookies enabled to use this widget?

Yes, it requires the use of cookies with your browser. The following instructions to enable cookies are meant as a guide only. Please consult your browser's help for a complete description.

Are you installing anything on my computer?

The only thing that is installed on your computer is a cookie, so that we can identify you as someone who has purchased the correct CD/DVD, download or physical product once you have verified it with us. Cookies are used by many other popular websites including Amazon, eBay etc. and the vast majority of Internet users have them enabled on their browsers.

As soon as I put my CD/DVD in the CD/DVD-ROM Drive my CD/DVD player application starts (e.g. Media Player or iTunes)

Some CD/DVD players start automatically when a disc is inserted into a drive. Simply close the application before continuing.

As soon as I put my CD/DVD in the CD/DVD-ROM Drive a screen comes up

If you just want to listen to the CD, then either click 'Play CD' button, and your default media player should open and play the CD, or click the 'Exit' button and open your media player manually.

I've got the correct CD/DVD, but I can't get through

If you have more that one CD/DVD drive on your computer please make sure that the disc is in the lowest letter e.g. D: rather than E: Also check that you have clicked 'Trust or Allow' to the validation software, then check that you have the correct browser version, and finally check that Java is installed and enabled. Then clear your browser's cache of pages or Temporary Internet Files, and try again. If you still can't access the widget, please contact us using the form below. We endeavour to allow all versions of all CDs access to the widget, but unfortunately we miss some from time to time. Once you have contacted us, we can check the CD you have used and then grant you access if it is the correct CD. Please note that this will take 24/48 hours but everyone will be replied to.

The widget just says 'Plugin Loading...' what should I do?

There are two common reasons why this could happen 1) Spyware that has amended your Internet Explorer settings. To fix this please do the following, Go to Internet Explorer Tools Menu, then Internet Options and then Advanced. Please then press the RESET button. All of your bookmarks will stay but your home page will be reset to the Microsoft Home page. You can change this afterwards. 2) If you have this problem in Firefox then update your versions of Firefox and Java using the instructions above.

I've got a card or flyer with a code on it, but I'm being told the code is invalid

Please ensure that you have typed the code in correctly. If it still doesn't work, click here to contact us and make sure to let us know which widget you are using, the code you are trying to use and where you got it.

I purchased the music/video from iTunes, but am told that the download is invalid

You can only validate iTunes purchases for widgets where you can see the iTunes options, if you see that option please forward your relevant iTunes purchase receipt e-mail to us at

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